Best Day Ever | Wedding at Segner Ranch Sedona

This is the tiniest of sneak peeks from our second photographer (who does shoot digital) as we patiently await our film back from the lab. Oh it can be tough to wait, especially when you know how many beautiful images will be on those rolls of film. Patience is a virtue, of which I often am lacking!!!! Especially when it comes to seeing wedding film. But the wait will be worth it. We just get so excited!

I will definitely expound on this couple and their ever so beautiful wedding at Segner Ranch last week. There is so much to say, so many special people, so much heartfelt love and friendship. And it really was “It’s the Best Day Ever!”

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Red Hot | Engagement Session | Papago Park

When we first got out of the car, it seemed like it was going to be one hot late afternoon. But the sun ducked down behind Papago just perfectly and this engagement session survived the heat!

I just love engagement sessions because they really give you an opportunity to get to know your clients. I had spoken with this couple on the phone but we had never met until this day. As sweet as people can be on the phone and through email pales in comparison to when you get to meet a couple for the first time. The two of them are everything and more! Looking forward to their wedding in November at the Westin Kierland.

Congrats you two!!!

At last | First Leica |Film Photography


I will not even be embarrassing Keith right now if I tell you how how damn cute he was opening the box that held this camera. Excited is an understatement. He has wanted a Leica since I can remember. I’m not sure why he hasn’t bought one until now but he hasn’t. So today is a special day for sure.

This Leica is not Keiht’s first rangefinder, those that know him well saw a Zeiss hanging off his shoulder for the better part of the first year he owned it. Up until a few minutes ago, the camera du jour hanging off his shoulder for the past few months was his new Fuji X100. Well that camera will have to take a backseat to this long awaited Leica. Keith’s dream of paring down his camera bag for weddings to (2) rangefinders, a handful of lenses and bag of film is getting closer!

Stay tuned, the film will be loaded shortly and I can’t wait to bombard everyone with the results!

Why I love film | Personal

It’s funny how things run in cycles. All things get old but the good things age well and come back (if they ever really left). For obvious reasons I will apply this thinking to my love of photography in general and film in particular (and those beautifully crafted machines that expose it called cameras). 

In 2001 I decided to start shooting digitally for weddings since I saw the writing on the wall. I knew this digital thing was going to be for real. I started adding it into weddings along side film and started building a digital wedding portfolio. 

Eventually when I met with potential clients, digital was my only offering. I had a hard time convincing people back then that digital would hold up as well as film and look as good as film. I told clients that they would like digital as much, showing them prints made from both digital and film and they couldn’t tell the difference. I worked hard to make that happen. 

I rode an early wave of digital success while trying hard to make it look like film. I did this for years. I bought newer and better cameras that could do more things (most of which I didn’t care if they could do) and bought newer and better software to add the film look. In the mean time, film grew more exotic to the masses and photographers sprang forth that did amazing work and had never actually touched a roll of film. Many talked about film though as if it were a magic substance that made everything turn into art (it’s not). They did all they could to make their digital files look like film types that they had never seen (difficult if you think about it).

I love film. Is it perfect? No. That’s one reason I like film more than digital. Is it harder to use than digital? Yes. That’s another reason. Do I know what I’ve got when the shutter fires? Yes and no. Digital gives instant feedback while film requires that I know what I’m doing at all times, that knowing is more of an intuitive feel. That is yet another reason. 

Digital, when done right looks bad to me. It looks too perfect. Plasticky and too smooth for a lack of a more eloquent description. To combat this I have gone to varying lengths to add elements to the files (sad that that’s what they are) to make them appear to have the same natural imperfections and unique characteristics as film. The irony here is that I’m adding these imperfections digitally, which means I can recreate them exactly from frame to frame if I want. That is the opposite of what I love about film. Digital works and can look good but it stings my creative soul every time with a feel of cheating.

Let me be clear, the only thing that really matters in the end is the image that you get. How you get it is personal and shouldn’t be questioned as long as it speaks to you (and says something nice of course). Images I capture on film speak to my soul. These images require no effort to make them look as if they were made using film. 

Film is tangible and not subject to the whims and twists of technology. Less wasted effort where creative energy could be applied to something else makes me a happy photographer.


A Sicilian Affair | Destination Wedding Sicily

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