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Rescued Dogs

Hi All, Here are the dogs I photographed the other day for Robin Hood Animal Rescue. They were such a friendly lot. These are mostly dogs that would not be rescued by the pound or most other shelters. Bob, the head of Robin Hood Animal Rescue is probably the kindest hearted man I have ever […]

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What’s up?

Hi All, Today my main computer is in the shop getting checked out. Therefor there will be no photos accompanying this. Instead I will tell you a few goings on. First… I just got back in the office after spending the night with my wife at the beautiful (really) Royal Palms resort for our fifth […]

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Tilt/Shift lens trial by fire

Hi All,   Here are a couple of shots I took at a recent wedding at the Boojum Tree in Phoenix. I was trying a tilt/shift lens for the first time at a wedding. Challenging is a good word for it. It is a lot of fun. It brings me back to my large format […]

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Farewell Tim Russert

I just wanted to post a farewell to Tim Russert who died today of a heart attack while at work. He was one of the good guys in the news media. Not perfect but more than most was not afraid of asking the tough question of anyone regardless of what side of the political aisle they were […]

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Resting Boy

Hi All,  Here is a quick shot from a recent shoot I did with a wonderful family. I would like to mention that my penchant for leaving out context for a lot of my portraits is to both maintain the privacy of the individual/s and to keep you from judging the image based on anything other than the image itself. […]

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