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in camera or in computer?

What gets me is the lack of technique…the ability to get things in camera and later make them better vs. just creating things that try to simulate old reliable camera techniques in post production. It is hard to simulate something well if you don’t really know anything about it in the first place.

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boys and rocks…

Hi All, Here are a couple of shots I took recently with a great set of brothers. I am going to end this and get to the photos right away as I am really tired and photos speak louder than words anyway. Enjoy.  Sincerely, Keith 0

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a simple business card…

There is something to be said about a business card that makes a great first impression.  Last week, we attended the monthly WEN (Wedding & Event Network) meeting at the Tortilla Factory and met Chandra Keel, an event designer.  She is just starting out, but judging by the simple sophisticated style of her business card, […]

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First overall pick Matthew Stafford…

If I photograph an NFL rookie prospect before the draft, that prospect will be selected first overall. I am not kidding. I am at 100 percent so far.

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weddings and portraits -vs- commercial photography

I like weddings and portraits the best. Here’s why: There is an emotional connection with wedding and portrait photography that commercial work just does not have.

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