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exhibition of the upcoming month I scottsdale wedding photography

This is definitely a must see if you are in LA and looking for an interesting photo exhibit beginning September 9th through January 10th.  “The Los Angeles Getty Center will unveil for the first time its collection of more than 250 prints from Irving Penn’s series, Small Trades”. (American Photo, Sept/Oct 2009) click here for […]

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Billionaires for Wealthcare I scottsdale event photographer

The group known as “Billionaires for Wealthcare” showed up to show their support for the status quo. I love their signs ” Rationing is OUR job” and “Survival of the Richest”. They were also heard to shout ” If God liked sick people he would have made them rich!”.

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greer, arizona I family portrait photographer

This past weekend, we had a mini family reunion of sorts in Greer, Arizona.  This was our first trip to Greer, the weather and the scenery were absolutely gorgeous!  The adults really enjoyed themselves, but the kids had lots and lots of fun: fly fishing, picking wild flowers, running through fields, feeding ducks, rolling down […]

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healthcare reform rally, for and against (in pictures) I scottsdale event photographer

Some have asked why I always like to talk to people who don’t share my views and my answer is, what is gained by only talking to people who agree with you? Nothing can change that way. Conversation (talking AND listening) is the only way to ever reach agreement on anything.

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parts are parts (sometimes smaller though) I baby photographer scottsdale

Hi All, Here is a quick collection of images I shot of an adorable baby and I thought I would share. Feel free to say awww… Sincerely, Keith 0

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