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new portrait website I family portrait photographer

Big news! We have launched a new version of our portrait website!  (It is still We would love some input from our faithful friends – positive (and negative)!  Thanks for checking it out! click here to visit our new site 0

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northern baby, southern desert I scottsdale baby photographer

This absolutely adorable little girl is from a very cold climate and is jet setting with her parents to soak up the beneficial rays of the southern sun.

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brand new brothers I scottsdale newborn photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing these two brothers the other day and I thought I might share. How cute are these two? I can get over the huge eyes on the older of the two. The younger ( two weeks old) was a sweetie with a great disposition. He was asleep when I arrived and remained calm through out. Not a cry to be had which is not to common for a newborn baby.

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introducing our rewards program I scottsdale portrait photographer

The Keith Pitts Photography rewards program is our way of giving back to you!  We love to see our clients again (and again!), second to that is a referral from our clients to friends and family.  Each time a new client books a regular session (or more) with your recommendation, it is with our sincerest […]

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bride blog I scottsdale wedding photographer

To keep up on what is going on in the bridal world…I occasionally look at bride blogs!  There are tons of them out there, it’s amazing!  While looking around the other day, I came across this great blog for South Asian brides…it’s called The Sari-Clad Bride.  This blog is a great resource if you are […]

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