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Henry’s Hope | family photography phoenix

I love my kids, but every once in awhile I feel overwhelmed raising them. There are times when I am impatient or tired or think life is challenging. But then I try to put it all in perspective and realize that these frustrating moments are fleeting, just growing pains for Keith and I as parents and […]

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big plans | destination wedding photographer

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.  ~Seneca Truer words were never spoken. We have BIG plans for the summer.  Hint, hint, the above photo (taken by Keith in 2004) might have something to do with it. Stay tuned.   2

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the perfect backdrop – the great outdoors | film photographer scottsdale

“Leave it as it is. The ages have been at work on it and man can only mar it”. – Theodore Roosevelt After a very busy wedding and portrait season, we decided to take a few days off and explore. A family trip to Utah was the answer.  We packed the kids in the car […]

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