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At last | First Leica |Film Photography

  I will not even be embarrassing Keith right now if I tell you how how damn cute he was opening the box that held this camera. Excited is an understatement. He has wanted a Leica since I can remember. I’m not sure why he hasn’t bought one until now but he hasn’t. So today […]

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Why I love film | Personal

It’s funny how things run in cycles. All things get old but the good things age well and come back (if they ever really left). For obvious reasons I will apply this thinking to my love of photography in general and film in particular (and those beautifully crafted machines that expose it called cameras).  In […]

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Our Sicily Travelogue

Keith is enjoying his Fujj X100s! He decided to document our three weeks in Sicily with this camera and so far he has been pretty pleased. If you want to see what we are up to on our trip, just check out our other BLOG!     2

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Aeolian Islands, Island of Lipari, Sicily, Italy

Yes, the island of Lipari is about 6500 miles from Phoenix, but it is not a straight line! Planes, Trains and Automobiles is an appropriate reference when putting into context just how far away the Aeolian Islands are. But well worth the 30+ hours of travel time to arrive at the beautiful little island off the […]

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B&W White Film | Perfect for Paris

It’s funny when you click on a folder on your computer and see a photo you didn’t expect to see – it starts you thinking and reminiscing. It seems like forever ago that we were lucky enough to be in Paris. Keith took this black and white photo at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris last […]

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