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We are off to Bali!

We have decided to spend the majority of July in Bali this year. As those of you that live in the Phoenix area konw, July is obscenely hot and no one seems to need a photographer! I wonder why! We take the hint and get out of dodge every year. This year: Bali. I’m really excited […]

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A Sicilian Affair | Destination Wedding Sicily


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Siracusa, Ortygia + Palazzaolo Acreide | Touring Sicily | Part 4

A bus trip was planned from San Cataldo to Siracusa. What a fabulous idea, to get as many of the friends/family together for a guided tour of Siracusa and Ortygia. Siracusa is best known for its sites with some of the best preserved Greek and Roman remains anywhere. It was really helpful that the guide explained the […]

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Modica | Sicily Travelogue

Check out today’s post! Click HERE   2

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Our Sicily Travelogue

Keith is enjoying his Fujj X100s! He decided to document our three weeks in Sicily with this camera and so far he has been pretty pleased. If you want to see what we are up to on our trip, just check out our other BLOG!     2

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