We are off to Bali!

We have decided to spend the majority of July in Bali this year. As those of you that live in the Phoenix area konw, July is obscenely hot and no one seems to need a photographer! I wonder why! We take the hint and get out of dodge every year. This year: Bali.

I’m really excited about this trip but I have to admit that I am struggling a bit with the idea of getting there. I have wanted to travel to Bali for a long time and I would love to travel all through the South Pacific. But I know in my heart of hearts it hasn’t happened to this point in my life because of the long flight. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around being on a plane for nearly 24 hours.

Last year when we were returning from Sicily I think it took 30+ hours, but only 14  of those hours were spent on a plane. The rest was waiting in airports, etc.  This will be less overall travel time but more time on the plane. How will I handle it? Will the kids be ok? How will Keith put up with me?

For those of you that don’t know me I have had restless leg syndrome before it had a name. Long car trips as a kid were unbearable because of the “anxiety” in my legs. It made me crazy (and I’m sure my mom and sister too). Fast forward to an adult and traveling as much as I possibly could. I always get this restless leg thing on long plane rides. Having kids has actually helped me because they distract me. They are much better travelers than I am – how is that? I remember being pregnant traveling to Ireland from Phoenix to visit my sister. Isabella was 2 years old and was the perfect little traveler on the long trip. I however had to stand for most of the trip. I just couldn’t take it. So how on earth am I going to make it to Bali?

I know I will. I always survive. My crazed concern about the length of the flights is what took me so long to pull the trigger on buying these darn tickets. I researched everything you can imagine. I was a nervous wreck. What was the right strategy?

Should we stay over night in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore to break up the trip? But then I rationalized that if we can make it the 12 -14 hours to get to these spots then we are almost there, just another 5-7 hour flight to Denpasar.

Should we take a flight that has a 12+ hour layover in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore. Stay in one of the airport hotels, catch up on sleep before the next leg? Keith’s argument is that we should just forge through it. Get through it. It is bad no matter how you break it up.

I finally wrapped my head around this being the best option. Find the flights with the shortest overall time (flight + layovers) and just get to Bali as fast as possible. Think of that beautiful hotel room on the other end – just get there!

That helped. But I was really nervous about buying these tickets. This is a big trip for us and the kids (Keith’s mom is coming as well! which is just awesome!) It took me talking this over with them a few times, rationalizing all sorts of things and just saying today is the day, we are getting these tickets and we are going to Bali.

Phhewwww. It is done! Tickets purchased. We are going. So excited!!!

And I will make it, I promise.


Super 8 Wedding Film | The House Brasserie Scottsdale | Old Town Scottsdale Wedding

I just love how weddings come in all shapes and sizes. While the singular quality of getting married is consistent with each wedding, the details of what makes up a wedding day are as unique as each couple. This wedding was no exception.

We met this couple last summer over coffee. We sat outside on that warm summer morning and just chit chatted about their wedding – and all that was important to them. We learned about their aesthetic and what their vision was. Their organic style coupled with our love of film and all things candid and emotional about a wedding day was a really great fit.

I love that they chose to have a Super 8 Wedding Film document their day.

The couple lives in central Phoenix and incorporated some very quintessential Arizona landmarks into their day. Their wedding day this past October began in a suite at the Arizona Biltmore. From the moment I walked into the room and began filming, I couldn’t help but feel the emotion and thoughtfulness that filled every detail. The bride is one very loved daughter and she has two of the most incredible parents I have had the pleasure of meeting. The sincerity, the heartfelt interactions, the exchanges of handwritten notes and sweet gifts, the tears, the significant wedding day tattoo reveal – all combined to make this one of the more emotional getting ready part of a wedding day that I have experienced.

I couldn’t help but cry myself a few times. It is so easy to put yourself in these moments – to relate to the magnitude of a wedding day and all that it represents. To know that you have found that one person that is your best friend and means everything in the world to you. To know how much my own parents and sister means to me. How important my grandparents were to me. I understood just how much this family meant to each other and what I liked most is just how real this all was for them.

From the Arizona Biltmore we were off to the Old Mission Church (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) in Scottsdale. This church screams early Arizona. I love its simplicity and history. After a beautiful wedding ceremony performed in Hungarian by the bride’s family priest from Canada, the bridal party made its way to the Scottsdale Mall for some photos. It was such a beautiful day.

From the wedding formals we made our way to the reception site: The House Brasserie Scottsdale.  This place is so perfect for a smaller more intimate affair. There were still close to 100 people but The House has the charm to welcome everyone in a non traditional venue kind of way. This is our second wedding reception at this great little gem in Old Town and I have to say just how enjoyed it was by all. There were so many adorable little details as well, from monogrammed hankies, the lock wall (with message) like I have seen on the bridge behind Notre Dame in Paris, candy station, photo booth, custom messaged bags at each place setting, beautiful flowers. Just a feast for the senses. Nothing was overlooked.

Thank you E + T for including us on your this part of your journey together. You are two very special people.



Intimate Moment | Scottsdale Wedding Photographer | Clayton on the Park

One of our favorite parts of a wedding day (there are so many favorite parts!!) is when everyone can let their hair down and enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Throughout the wedding day we do our best to be as unobtrusive as possible. It is because of this that we are able to capture these intimate moments between a couple.

Yes the bride and groom are our main focus throughout the getting ready, the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. But we do enjoy documenting all of the guests doing their thing as well. This couple was was just so beautifully intimate on the dance floor. I just love this shot and all that it says to me.

The Clayton on the Park in Scottsdale has the perfect upstairs room for a party. This room with great lighting and this couple is the recipe for one of my favorite reception shots of the year.

A Beautiful Rainy Day for a Wedding | Omni Montelucia Resort | Scottsdale Wedding Photographer

When planning a wedding in Arizona you would never ever suspect that it could possibly rain on your wedding day. Never in a million years. It is sunny here every single day or so it seems. So a rainy Saturday is not a welcome sight. Fortunately for this couple the deluge occurred before their ceremony and it rained a little bit after but thank goodness the ceremony went off without a hitch!

A destination wedding for this super sweet Canadian couple. So nice that their respective family and friends made the trip for this beautiful wedding. The ceremony was on the Valencia Lawn with an overcast view of Camelback Mountain (a rarity for sure). The reception was in the beautiful Castillo Lucena, one of my favorite reception spots in the valley. The room was no less than stunning. A beautiful job by Stephanie!


Venue:: Omni Montelucia Resort, Scottsdale

Planner:: Events by Stephanie Antoinette


Fouda - October 17, 2015 - 5:40 am

I went to Scottsdale last year. Scottsdale Cupcakes were our least favorite! We went to Tammie Coe Cakes. The rest we tried weren’t cukacpes but were all good. I really liked Nothing Bundt Cakes, The Sugar Bowl (where the Family Circus went for ice cream in the comic strip) and Rainbow Donuts. I had Goodys Two Toffee on my list but we didn’t get a chance to make it before we left.

Surprise Finish Line Marriage Proposal | PF Chang Rock n Roll Maration | Phoenix, AZ

What a romantic. I love that this Mr. decided to do a finish line proposal and have it documented! How awesome is that?

He wanted to tell the story of her day. The early morning start to the PF Chang Rock n Roll Marathon. And of course the big Finish. A finish line proposal. How amazing??? And the best part, she didn’t even know we were there – until of course the very end.

Finishing a marathon to me is a huge deal – getting proposed to at the end. Unbelievable. Having us there to covertly document it all – added to the fun.

Congratulations all around to this couple!!!!

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